MITOX is a British brand established in 2005 and has since become one of the fastest growing garden machinery brands in the country.

Products from MITOX have earnt their popularity with homeowners, landowners, farmers and professionals who appreciate the great performance and ease of use which is delivered from our products, as well as the exceptional value. 

The MITOX range of petrol garden machinery consists of high quality grass trimmers, brushcutters, hand held and long reach hedge trimmer, garden multi tools, pole pruners, chainsaws, log splitters and leaf blowers/vacuums. 

MITOX products are continuously evolving to ensure they benefit from the latest manufacturing technologies available, optimising the design of the machinery to improve efficiency, ease of use, providing excellent ergonomics and outstanding performance.



Mitox 66 LSH Log Splitter£299.00

The Mitox 66 LSH is the larger of two Mitox horizontal log splitters and is equipped with a more powerful 2200W motor, providing up to 6.5 tonnes of splitting force. This model is also supplied with a stand to raise the working height.

Perfect for the more demanding domestic wood splitting tasks due to its increased splitting force and the ability to split logs up to 52cm in length. If you are working with a larger quantity of shorter logs, the QuickSplit function can be used meaning there is no need to wait for the pushblock to return a full 52cm.

Another feature of the 66 LSH is the stable and practical stand which can be used to raise the working height for increased comfort.

List Price £349.00 Our Price £299.00


Mitox 41 LSH Log Splitter£249.00

The Mitox 41 LSH may be the most compact log splitter in the range, but still delivers up to 4 tonnes of splitting force making it suitable for most domestic wood splitting tasks.

The log splitter frame will accept logs up to 37cm in length and 25cm in diameter and once the two control switches are activated, the reinforced pushblock will drive the log into the splitting wedge, quickly and safely split the wood into two pieces.

The safety cage which covers the splitting area prevents the wood leaving the log splitter and also ensures the splitting area is completely isolated for maximum safety.

When working with smaller logs, the distance which the ram returns after each split can be limited using the QuickSplit function to speed up the splitting process.

. List Price £299.00 Our Price £249.00

Mitox 26MT

Mitox 26MT-SP Select Petrol Multi-Tool299.00

Four tools powered by one engine offering fantastic value for money.

The Mitox 26MT-SP 4in1 petrol multi tool offers quality and value for homeowners looking for a versatile single tool to carry out a number of gardening tasks. Powered by an easy to start 25.4cc two stroke engine, the 26MT-SP multi tool kit is supplied with 4 different attachmens which include a hedge trimmer, pole saw pruner, nylon grass trimmer head and metal brushcutter blade.

Mitox 28MT

Mitox 28MT Select 5in1 Petrol Multi-Tool399.00

Enhanced features for increased user comfort & versatility
The Mitox 28MT petrol garden multi tool  offers a step up in quality and functionality over the 26MT-SP. This multi tool package includes our Advanced range of attachments including a 58cm hedge trimmer blade  providing 180 degrees of articulation whilst the pole pruner can be adjusted through 7 different positions for effective and comfortable working. The auto bump feed nylon head and Heavy Duty Tri-Blade enable effective grass trimming and clearing of thicker brush. Also included with the 28MT garden multi tool is a 1 metre extension for working at greater heights.

Mitox 801 LSV Log Splitter£599.99

The most powerful electric log splitter in the range for the toughest domestic tasks, the 801 LSV model offers up to 8 tonnes of splitting force enabling efficient and safe preparation of firewood.

With a powerful 300W electric motor producing up to 8 tonnes of splitting force, this model will handle even the most demanding domestic wood splitting jobs with ease. The reinforced splitting wedge neatly slices through the log cutting into two more manageable sized logs.

The two handed operation and the steel log retainers ensure optimum safety whilst the distance the ram returns can be reduced when working with smaller logs for maximum working efficiency. RRP £699.00   Our Price £599.00


Mitox LS700BS Log Splitter£899.00

When only the most powerful log splitter will do, the  LS700BS model offers up to 7 tonnes of splitting force. With a 3-position, adjustable splitting table and the Mitox® Quicksplit function, the splitting stroke can be tailored to the perfect size, whilst the Multisplit, 4-way splitting wedge, makes light work of creating a winter’s worth of firewood. RRP £999.00  Our Price £899.00 Inc Vat