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Wide Bandsaw Information
Wide Bandsaw Sharpening, Servicing & Repair
Davenport Saws have been servicing Wide Bandsaw blades for many years with Saw Doctoring experience of over 30 years.  We aim to achieve the highest possible quality and service from our family run business based in Yeovil, Somerset.
We can service any Wide Bandsaw, Swaged or Stellite Tipped to your individual requirements.  We can also convert one of your exsisting Swaged Wide Bandsaws in to a Stellited Tipped Wide Bandsaw.  More and more Sawmills in the UK are updating their bandsaw blades from the traditional Swaged blade to Stellite Tipped Bandsaw Blades because the advantages of a better, sharper cut, higher quality sawn surfaces, longer cutting periods and extended blade life far out weigh the initial higher cost.
We have on site full wet grinding sharpening facilities and also Stellite Re-tipping machines for after sales service and repairs.
A Full Service on both Swage & Stellite Tipped blades includes cleaning, checking over for cracks and damage, tensioning, rolling, setting and sharpening.  Additional repairs such as welding is available at an extra cost.  Please feel free to contact us on 01935 425311 for more information.
We can also supply New Wide Bandsaw blades.  Please contact us for an individual quotation.
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